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Timexpert C+ and Timexpert Radiance C+

Timexpert C+ Germaine de Capuccini and Timexpert Radiance C+

Enjoy the professional firmness, the youth that it gives you, and the extraordinary luminosity that the Timexpert C+ line by Germaine de Capuccini gives your skin. An anti-aging treatment with an antioxidant action provided by Vitamin C, combating the passage of time. Elasticity and firmness for your skin with exclusive prices and discounts to buy online Germaine de Capuccini, in Cosméticos24h. The new line of Germaine de Capuccini arrives. With the reformulation of its classic line of cosmetics with vitamin C, 4 improved products arrive to combat wrinkles, lack of tone and sagging. Timexpert Radiance C+ by Germaine de Capuccini will make you fall in love. Do not miss their NEW products:

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Timexpert Radiance C+.  Emulsión Pieles Grasas - Germaine de Capuccini
Germaine de Capuccini

Timexpert Radiance C+. Emulsión Pieles Grasas - Germaine de Capuccini

€62.40 Price
Timexpert Radiance C+. Crema Antioxidante iluminadora - Germaine de Capuccini
Germaine de Capuccini

Timexpert Radiance C+. Crema Antioxidante iluminadora - Germaine de...

€62.40 Price
Timexpert Radiance C+. Glow Force - GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI
Germaine de Capuccini

Timexpert Radiance C+. Glow Force - GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI

€8.60 Price
Timexpert Radiance C+. Serum Pure C10 - Germaine de Capuccini
Germaine de Capuccini

Timexpert Radiance C+. Serum Pure C10 - Germaine de Capuccini

€30.85 Price
Timexpert Radiance C+. Contorno de Ojos antioxidante Iluminador - Germaine de Capuccini
Germaine de Capuccini

Timexpert Radiance C+. Contorno de Ojos antioxidante Iluminador -...

€40.50 Price

Buy New Timexpert Radiance C+ Line online

One of the best ingredients for skin health is, without a doubt, VITAMIN C. Given its high antioxidant power, it is among the three super ingredients most valued by dermatologists. Vitamin C is an essential daily supplement, 365 days a year.

Pollution, tobacco, stress, blue light from screens and, above all, the sun, daily damage our cells and oxidize our skin, aging it. Vitamin C is the best anti-aging shield. But also, due to its extraordinary properties to stimulate natural skin energy, it has become the step that the most beautiful skins never skip.

A renewed classic

After the successful trajectory of Vitamin C in GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI, TIMEXPERT RADIANCE C+ is now born. Scientific advances in the field of nanotechnology and the discovery of new synergies of ingredients have allowed the creation of the best version of TIMEXPERT C+ to fight more effectively against oxidative stress and, therefore, against aging characterized by the appearance of stains, dehydration and dull tone.

The effectiveness of its formula

For the first time, a treatment that multiplies the effectiveness of Pure Vitamin C* by 6 thanks to the patented HLG nanopolymer, which nourishes the cells in depth and allows a sustained release of the active ingredients.

The HLG nanopolymer , made up of Hyaluronic Acid, Lysine and Glutamic Acid , acts on all layers of the skin, stimulating cell metabolism and maximizing the benefits of the formula, while providing extraordinary levels of hydration.

*Clinically proven efficacy.

Vitamin C: the best antioxidant

Vitamin C is capable of stopping the action of free radicals that cause photoaging of the skin. But if that protective effect were not enough, vitamin C also helps us correct the damage caused by the sun:

  • It stimulates cell activity, providing luminosity and shine.
  • Inhibits the production of melanin, reducing spots.
  • Transforms dark melanin into light melanin, matching the tone.
  • Promotes collagen synthesis for firmer skin.
  • Improves hydration.

HLG: A true revolution in formulations

A true revolution in formulations, an exclusive Germaine de Capuccini patent in the professional cosmetic area, which represents a huge qualitative leap for the line. HLG belongs to a type of therapeutic polymers that are used in the medical field for the release of active principles, in oncology and neurodegenerative diseases.

The main challenge of the topical route of administration of a drug or cosmetic is to overcome the biological barriers that the different layers of the skin pose to achieve an optimal concentration of active ingredients in the desired place of action during the time necessary to carry out its exercise. For this reason, several strategies are currently being developed in nanomedicines, which protect the therapeutic agent from its degradation while interacting with the components of the skin, increasing its penetration and increasing its retention time.

The HLG nanopolymer comes from research carried out at the Príncipe Felipe Research Center, by the María Jesús Vicent Polymer Laboratory, specialized in the development of nanomedicines that direct and protect the drug to the target tissue.

HLG acts on all layers of the skin, stimulating cell metabolism and maximizing the benefits of the formula, while providing extraordinary levels of hydration. Made up of Hyaluronic Acid and Glutamic Acid intertwined with Lysine, three biocompatible, biodegradable and active ingredients in themselves.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Very moisturizing. It retains a large amount of water, providing volume to the tissues. This is its cross-linked form, much more effective than its linear form.
  • Glutamic Acid: It is the "new moisturizing hero": 4 times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid (at a much higher economic cost, yes). It has recently been used in cosmetics.
  • Lysine: calming action. It stimulates the accumulation of collagen.

HLG nanopolymer has unique characteristics:

It penetrates the deep layers of the skin , providing the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, Glutamic Acid and Lysine. It conveys the active ingredients present in the formula, helping its penetration to deeper layers. It favors the sustained and prolonged release of the active ingredients.



HLG Mechanisms of Action:

1. Skin permeation enhancer:

All its components are transformed into natural molecules that can be assimilated by the skin. These new molecules hydrate and nourish the skin cells, from the surface to the dermis, improving skin metabolism and favoring a better and deeper penetration of the active ingredients.

2. Sustained and prolonged release system: long-lasting effect

The characteristics of HLG are not those of its individual ingredients. The crosslinking of HA with PGA modifies the physical-chemical characteristics of both and their behavior on the skin is synergistic, thus obtaining extraordinary benefits: With a single application, hydration is maintained for 36 hours.

In addition, its degradation is slower, so it remains on the skin for longer, acting as a reservoir for the active ingredients of the formula.

Vitamin C and the rest of the ingredients reach more easily where the biological processes in which we want to intervene take place. In addition, in its journey it is capable of hydrating, stimulating metabolism, regenerating and nourishing the cells of all the layers of the stratum corneum.

We have been able to experimentally demonstrate that the presence of HLG in our formulas represents a 600% increase in the amount of Vitamin C that reaches the site of action. This allows us to say that we multiply the effectiveness of vitamin C by 6 , so we do not need to incorporate high doses of active ingredients to achieve optimal results, thus reducing the risk of irritation on sensitive skin.

Germain de Capuccini Vitamin C Line

This line is based on the rejuvenating power of Vitamin C for the face. This is a very powerful active ingredient that naturally prevents oxidation, regenerates, keeps the skin hydrated, bright and without spots.

Vitamin C to fight against Glycation

Glycation of facial skin is the effect produced by sugar when it adheres to proteins. What this does is that the skin loses shine, light, collagen, everything! The skin loses properties of youth. and begins to age before time. This is a consequence of consuming sugar, and Germaine de Capuccini , through the Purexpert C+ line, has combated these symptoms very effectively.

Buy Timexpert C+ line

Buying Timexpert + will make you carry a vitamin remedy in your bag to give light to your face. You will be acquiring a good price cream that will give you luminosity and a good tone.

You can take advantage of Mother's Day to buy this corrective cream, and you will be able to see how with the passage of time and the uses, your pier will be fresher, lighter and better looking.

Germain Vitamin C Line Products.

This line is made up of several products for different phases of vitamin treatment. On the one hand there are the Pure C Essence ampoules, which are a vitality serum, then we have the multi-correction cream that provides elasticity and facial firmness, and finally the eye contour that will make the hours not pass by on your face and always it's shiny

Timexpert C+ Bundles

Germaine always brings out these Vitamin C packs once a year, when spots and dull skin begin to appear, Germaine de Capuccini comes and gives you, along with your usual cream, another of equal or lesser value, and also gives you a travel bag so you can de-stress and take a walk around the world and show off a pretty face.

With these savings packs you will have a discount of more than 50% many times and that's how you like to buy.